Who is Alicja?

Here's a tad about me.


I am a crafty photographer that loves paper craft - that's just what I do, and not who I am.

I'm a mom of three that is too transparent sometimes. I'm a human that struggles with insecurities. But most of all, I'm not the summation of my work. My identity is based on that I'm loved and forgiven #becauseJesus.


What doES she do?

Glad ya asked, or rather that I asked for ya. I am pleasantly employed by the grand people of Focus Lab, which is a multi-disciplinary strategic creative studio. I'm the resident photographer that works primarily on internal projects that are used to promote and support our branding and ui design efforts.

I was once a brand designer, but found that I loved creating images about a 1 million times more and quickly jumped ship.