Self Portrait

CreativeSouth needed an updated bio pic to help promote my upcoming workshop.  I had some constraints:

  • 1 continuous light, 1 camera
  • it had to be creative and illustrate I knew my stuffz
  • I had an hour to create it

Iteration ensued.

  1. It can get tricky darkening the edges around a face. Therefore I used black foam core a backdrop around my head.
  2. The light was on a boom stand, slighting above my head with the light pointing down at me... about a 15 degree angle. Also, the white balance of the light was tungsten (orange).
  3. White balancing the camera for the light makes the daylight pouring into the garage very blue. Hence the hints of blue in some midtones on the right of my face.

ISO 200    0.8 Shutter Speed    f/22    24mm

Decontructed is a weekly series that quickly breaks down the technical or thought behind one of my images.

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