500px Client Gift Photo

This image was a quick add-on to the ones I intended to shoot. With only 10 minutes in my pocket for the entire shoot, I didn't have time to grab lighting stuffz or provide model direction. I relied on natural light and Lauren's (Focus Lab's production assistant) vast modeling experience - twas magic.

Below I'll break down the Photoshop layers.

  1. - separated Lauren from background
    - used high frequency to retouch skin; added a flair of makeup
    - upped the curves to increase contrast slightly and sharpen to help draw focus
  2. - separated two stationary cars
    - added motion blur
    - desaturated a little to reduce visual competition
  3. - basic color editing
    - removed litter

Shot with a 40mm at 2.8ish, final image was cropped a smidgen.

Created at Focus Lab.

Decontructed is a weekly series that quickly breaks down the technical or thought behind one of my images.

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