Discus Paper Craft


Recently I've jumped on board a weekly #gillustration (fish drawings. punny name, ain't it?) challenge with Rogie King and Jodi Carlson. I'm not an illustrator, but with my new found obsession with paper craft I've needed to push my ability to draw a straight line.

This week our fish was the majestic Discus  - unlimited color and pattern combinations, but a pretty generic fish shape.


Starting Point

My questions:

  • What's the descriptive must-haves to identify a Discus?
  • How can I create it to take advantage of the illustration being made out of paper?

I landed that the pattern/color combo was the essential markers of a Discus. To fully utilize all the potential of paper craft, I needed to capitalize on the 3d space - depth of field, highlights, and shadows are my friends.



Cut, glue, paint... In retrospect I really shouldn't have done it in that order.



I didn't have my lighting kit, nor my regular camera. Instead I used natural lighting, and the camera that I started my career with 9 years ago: Canon 50d, with a 50mm 1.8. 

 Untouched, out-of-camera fishy.

Untouched, out-of-camera fishy.



Honestly, up to this point I was questioning wether or not I should start over. Probably still should, since I didn't do any iterations - I picked a direction and went with it. Since this was a personal project and time is limited I went ahead and pushed forward. I'm glad I did. 


Look Ma!

In the words of Dory, "I'm gonna call him squishy and he shall be my squishy."