Why and How Grit

Each year I pick One Word that becomes the north star of that year's effort and intentionality. This year I choose, Grit. Why? Because I'm all things Hufflepuff. Or my opinion of Hufflepuffs - soft.

I'm that person that will wait 10 minutes for an elevator, but God-forbid if anyone else is waiting too, I'll take the three flights of pee-landened downtown stairs to avoid awkward silence with stragners. When the cold hits - you know, sub-65 degrees - I stop running altogether. While trying to stick to a budget, and there's a sale, I break the budget in the name of "Savings." Or spiritually speaking, I won't do my devotional cause there's something I'm actively avoiding (it's funny how much energy I extend to ignore something).


When the going get tough, I stop going.


On a serious note, this has stunted me personally and professionally. I've said no to amazing opportunities, for fear failure or crazy stress. I've distanced myself from people altogether in anticipation of their certain rejection - which of course is a product of my anxiety. In short, I'm addicted to comfort. 


Comfort kills both growth, dreams, and impact.


Have you experienced this? Are there things you've wanted to do, people you want to befriend, wounds you've wanted to heal, relationships you've wanted to restore, only to be stopped dead in your tracks because comfort feels ooooohhhh sooooo good? That's where I've lived most of my life, and it's depressing.

Comfort slays growth, kills dreams, and dulls positive impact on others. And so, it's time for me to go on the offensive. How? By spending the next year building my grit muscle.




First, I'm going to tackle this challenge by focusing on a different realm of grit each quarter: Spiritual, physical, etc. Those first two are pretty solid, we'll see where I go from there. Having quarterly sub-focuses allow me to have variety, but still remain within my One Word. It also provides a shorter timeframe to focus on building habits and muscles, which means more engagement from me.

Quantifiable Goals

Within the quarter there needs to be measurable goals, so I can easily say I'm hitting those goals. The idea is the act of the doing the goal will develop a habit, which then will build the desired muscle. For instance, during this first quarter - focusing on developing spiritual grit - I'm going to fast one meal per week, memorize one Bible verse per week.... and more, but I don't want to bore you that much. My end objective is to be deeply connected to God, to continually be renewed and equipped. 


There's success in numbers. Share with a friend, who is also goal-minded, what I'm trying to do and ask for accountability. For me, this is my sister-in-law. Her word happens to the same this year (bonus points). We've agreed to check-in and call each other out. This is the first time I've had this for my One Word. It's already put a bit more pep in my step.


That's it. it's both simple and intentional. I don't know how this year is going to shape up; if the muscle I'm trying to strength does so. But I know one thing: Nothing will happen if I plan nothing.