Your One Word

As mentioned in my last post, I have one word to "rule them all" - or at least the next 365 days. Mine is: GRIT (I'll write more about why, and how I'm going to intentionally develop that soon). Today, I'm going dive into why I choose one word, and how I generally go about it.

I used to think New Year resolutions were dumb. Not having many positive examples around me to their power, or significance, I wrote them off as burdensome: unnecessary weights that would eventually make me feel like a failure. The probability I would actually keep them was next to nothing, so why set myself up like that? Does this resonate?


The Turning Point

Well, life always has a way of making me feel like a failure anyways. I would try things, kick butt for 2 weeks, then stop cause it got hard. Then I heard a quote that has stuck with me:

You'll fail at a 100% of the plans you don't set. ~Mark Victor Hansen

As I saw my shortcomings as a wife, mother, friend, as I saw past wounds dictate my current emotional state, and saw the path my career was going which wasn't in line with my passions, it was time to become intentional. I didn't like the status-quo and it wasn't going to change unless I put thought and effort into it. Enter a life-changing book: One Word.

This small book can literally be read in one sitting - and I did exactly that and few years ago. The premise is that it's easier to rally behind one word than having a list of goals. Having one word be our focus allows our efforts to be synchronized around that singularity. 


An Example

After prayer, reflecting, and vulnerable conversations with my family, my word jumped out: Grit. I want to develop the ability to keep pushing forward, no matter how hard things are, no matter what area of life: spiritual, physical, financial, or professional. My word is broad. That's intentional. It's wide enough for flexibility, narrow enough to allow for generalized direction. I suggest you do the same thing. Once we have our word, then we dive into how we're going to tackle it. Though, you have enough to do right now (we'll talk more about walking out your word tomorrow).

I'd love to hear about your word. What's your goal, your 2018 theme?