2017 Year-in-Review

At the close of 2016, I spent time in prayer meditating on the year to come and gravitated towards a theme word for 2017. That word? 


Like most of us, I forgot my theme word a couple months within the year. However, reflecting upon 2017 (and rediscovering my word in my tossed-aside planner), it seems that my inner-self was lock-in-step with my word. Its impact was felt in all realms of my life, and I outline them all below.



2017 was a year of highly selective choices, which meant saying "no" to a lot of great opportunities - but yes to a few key ones.

It was hard, but I said no to:

  • Teaching workshops/speaking at 2 conferences
  • Teaching paper crafting workshop at one major company
  • Freelance gigs
  • Passive income opportunities
  • Collaboration invites

I did say yes to:

  • Speaking at Creative South
  • Speaking at amUX
  • Going full-time at Focus Lab
  • 3 freelance gigs
  • 5 Interviews

Intentionally limiting gigs allowed me to focus on personal projects:

  • #Gillustration
  • Spaces
  • 100 days of writing (I only did 30 😐 )
  • Paper-craft Christmas advent



Saying no to professional opportunities, allowed me to have more time to myself, which is already an extremely rare commodity. Pursuing new interests aside, having time to myself allows for investing in people, nurturing friendships, and healing from past wounds.

Investing in people, I:

  • lead female high-school seniors small group
  • gave 2 sermons
  • coached soccer team
  • discipled 2 women

Healing from past wounds, I:

  • finally shared about my childhood molestation 
  • practiced personal declarations: redirecting my inner dialogue to positivity grounded in faith
  • unearthed a relational past wound and understood its multi-decade impact it had on me

Nurturing Friendships: Honestly, the bullets I would share here would be so small to most. My past wounds has extremely limited my ability to make and maintain friendships, especially with females. Though, there was still progress and I'm proud of it. Praying for more in 2018!

So what's my word for 2018? After vulnerable conversations and prayer, my word is:


In 2017, I learned, grew, healed, invested. In 2018, I'm going to push myself; comfort is the enemy. Comfort kills both dreams and impact - and I won't let that happen.