The Test


For the next one hundred days, I will write an article a day.


I just wrapped my first talk at Creative South and the experience is beyond words. The topic of my spiel was to allow WHO you are to focus what you DO. I shared some vulnerable stories, scientific studies, and practical steps on how to let your Who focus your Do.


One of the points I drove home was that shift happens. 


While we can start in alignment of our Who and Do, if we're not careful our Do will take the driver's seat and your Who is wailing in the back seat like a child who goes to grab another handful of gold fish only to find out they finished them already. Does this happen to other people's kids? Anyhoo, shift happens - and because of that I recommended the audience to work through the provided exercises periodically. So you can imagine my surprise that I had a test of my Who right after Creative South.

A clothing brand that I admire approached me to do some product photography. To be honest this would have been one of the largest freelance gigs for me. The size of the project, the timeline, the pay, the great people all lead me to say yes. I sent a proposal and was underway to do sample images which would then lead to a contract.


But once I got back from Creative South something didn't sit well with me.


While the project didn't change,  my heart did. I was reminded of something during the prep of my talk: My Who, my priorities and passions, are not built on the companies I work for, the money I make, nor images I create - but it's fueled by the relationships I invest into, hearts that I help, people that I can encourage. If I took the freelance gig, for the next month my time would have been invested into something that doesn't fill me up. That's not good for me, or them.


When we say yes to something outside of our Who it kills our energy and vigor instead of reinvigorating it.


This is not to say everything in our Who will be fun, or easy - but that's for the next post.


What about you?

Are you doing something that doesn't align with who you are? Could it be tweaked to support your who? Is what you're doing, while not directly related to your who, a stepping stone?