What Easter Means to Me


Some would say Easter mainly means "new life," or "redemption" but I don't. While those things are true through the life-giving death and resurrection of Jesus, they don't resonate with me as much during this season of life. What does Easter mean to me?




Yes, boldness. Jesus was bold, challenging the social norms. His message was and is counter to what the populace desires, so much so that he was killed for it. Jesus' message was both of unwavering love and unapologetic direction. He was bold.

Max Lucado said it best, "God loves you just the way you are, but also refuses to leave you that way." Meaning, God loves us within the decisions we've made and the mire we're steeped within. His love runs so deep that He won't sit idly by while we make life-depleting choices, but rather will confront our choices head-on in desire to positively transform our lives. I've seen it said another way:


Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy. Proverbs  27:6 


Boldness. It takes an insane amount of love and courage to address things easier left unsaid. It takes strength and perseverance to be the person of warmth, love, acceptance, and forgiveness while the world says you're judgemental and close-minded. Boldness. Jesus has it, and I'm to walk in it. But I'm struggling, which is why I see Easter as I do.