Time Out


Who is the most important person to you? Did you answer your girlfriend, child, mom, bestie? While I'm sure the one you answered does mean a lot to you, but you probably missed the true answer.


The most important to you is you.


Without you, those relationships wouldn't exist. You're a significant part of the equation. If you're like me though, you'll diminish your importance and value. Quickly I put others' needs before my own which then leads to depleting resources that turns into resentment.

Like you, I have many hats: wife, mother, friend, employee, mentor, soccer coach; running on an empty tank can be a norm for me. That's no good for anyone. When I do, patience is at an low, frustration is high - this is when ear plugs are the best investment for those around me. I literally scream, yell, and destroy.


A few years ago I punched a wall an hour before guests were scheduled to arrive for my daughter's birthday party. 


After years of believing that taking time for myself was selfish I realized, while staring at the drywall, that perhaps time for myself isn't as destructive (and expensive). Since then I've done a couple self-finding exercises, one of which is ordering and defining my priorities (learn why your priorities matter). During that exercise I consciously put self-care above everything, except my faith.

It almost felt wrong to say taking care of me is more important that my relationship with my husband, or children, or even work. But we need to remind ourselves:


In order to grow those relationships, to be able to invest in them the way we truly want to, we have to take care of our heart-well first.


If your bucket is empty, you won't have anything to fill others with. Take time out to care of you, so you can take care of them.