The Tale of Two Trees

Imagine a tree kept in the safety and serenity of a bio-dome. There, within the protection of the polycarbonate panels, sun streams in and the foliage is a lush green. Turbulence can't find it's way in, unabated growth is the objective. In contrast picture another tree bent over, almost lurching, like an elderly woman carrying the years of her life around her neck. As this tree was growing the constant wind moulded the trunk and branches to point along the eastern wind. While the foliage too is vibrant, it's apparent this weathered tree had seen it's fair share of storms.


Which tree is healthier? Which is stronger?


If you are like me, you would guess the bio-dome tree, and you'd be wrong. While in their infancy a bio-dome can be helpful, a tree actually becomes healthier and stronger as the elements bear down on it. As the wind whips, as snow lands, as stress increases, it forces the roots to move deeper and branches to become stronger. Protection from the elements and storms, stagnate it's growth. We aren't much different from trees.

We'll find ourselves in storms - regardless if professional or personal - sooner or later. While it's tempting, we shouldn't look for shelter from the storm, doing so triumphs stagnation. 


Embracing the storms can be a catalyst of growth.


Before I started paper-crafting, I had this deep seeded desire to start creating sets. But I didn't know the first thing about how to go about it. I was scared to fail. Scared to invest money and time into something that could not pay-off. I felt silly to start something new in my "old" age when I saw youngins slaying the paper-game - how could I compete? For six months, I ran from dealing with the storm of anxiety and fear into my bio-dome and I didn't creatively grow.

So what are running from; what storm are you in; are you going to choose to run for safety or weather the storm? Regardless of your choice, I can promise you this: while storms are inevitable, growth isn't. You have to choose to grow.