Where Satisfaction Lays


In my talk I encourage my peers to align what you do with who you are. That's easier said than done, especially if you don't really know your who, Lucky for us both, there's a few simple exercises to help us gain our footing on the right trajectory. The first is understanding our priorities, However, the most personally revealing one was the satisfaction exercise - and I kinda want you do this one with me.


Right now.


It's okay, you're boss is cool with it - if it's your lunch time. Assuming the best, I'll continue.

Thinking over the past 3-5 years, what where the achievements, or events that you were most proud or satisfied by. Allow your mind to wonder and list anything that comes to mind. Yes, it seems simple, you have no excuse - keep listing.

It might be clients, conversations, risks, creations, relational events. Don't filter your list, try to be as honest and transparent with yourself. Try to be as specific as possible.

Done yet?

Sweet! Now look at your list; do you see any patterns? What repeats? Is there anything you only mentioned once? After grouping like items, you'll results will start to clarify.

The last time I did this exercise I thought it would reveal specific photography subjects, styles, clients, but instead I discovered tough conversations that led to a person's a-ha moment, or when I encouraged someone to take a risk. Photography was still on my list, thank God, but it wasn't as much of a source of satisfaction as I thought it was.


Understanding where my satisfaction laid informed where I put my time and effort.


The next step is nixing the chaff. We'll talk more about that later, your lunch break is over ;)