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This talk was born out the transition into photography and becoming so engrossed that I nearly gave up everything to attain "success." This story does have a happy ending, but more than that - it is full of practical how-to's that take my narrative into an exercise then beyond into a way of life.

Why Alicja?

I won't bore you with why I think I'd be a hit, here's what others are saying:

Myself and the team at Forefathers met Alicja in early 2016. We've always been admirers of her work over the years from afar but had never had a formal introduction. All of that changed when we met and we clicked immediately. 

This year we were lucky enough to attend her talk at Creative South about her convictions, struggles and life breakthroughs as a Creative Photographer in the Design Industry. Her talk was courageous and heartwarming. High-spirited and hilarious. It was one of the most open and real talks because that's exactly who she is and that's exactly what you can expect. We're honored to call Alicja a peer in our industry but even more fortunate to now call her a close ally and friend.

Jonden Jackson / Forefathers


Alicja has a talent for weaving storytelling, humor and actionable steps into her talks that strike an emotional nerve with the audience. 

I'm one who gets wrapped up in having my worth be defined by my work and her Creative South talk was the reality check I needed. So many of us creatives let our "DO" define our "WHO" and it can wear us down in all facets of life. 

She provides the blueprint for reclaiming your "WHO" and redefining what success means to you. Every creative needs a dose of this talk.

Scotty Russel / Perspective Collective


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