Change Your Focus

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
— Ephesians 2:10

Frankly, I don't feel much like God's "workmanship," or "masterpiece." I know my shortcomings. I see them daily when I lose my temper with my kids, talk negatively about my husband, or see the opportunity to be the light in someone's life only to willingly pass it by - all the while yearning to make a positive impact on others.

More than likely, you resonate with this. You see your fear, insecurities, anger or willful disobedience and instantly count yourself out as capable of any mustard-seed, much less mountain-moving, faith-led-works. And yet here we both are feeling deep in our hearts that's want we want: to make a kingdom-impact on someone's life.

I noticed something similar in both our thoughts: we're looking at our shortcomings instead of God's ability. His power, sovereignty, and wisdom is beyond the depth of our sin and inability. What we focus dictates our direction and momentum.   

Change your focus; change your direction.

Cause here's the thing: God created us and He created the good works for us to do. It's like an epic game of matching; perfect pairs at every turn. With every pair, we learn more about God and ourselves - but we won't know unless we change our focus; change our direction. We have to look to Him, to walk in the works He prepared us to do. This leads us to one question.

What are you focused on instead of God? Are you letting a negative recording replay in your mind? Is there a sin or stronghold in your life that you don't want to give up? Been there. Done that, more times I'd like to admit.

Imagine if you did a morning devotional, how that could start steering your focus God-ward for the rest of the day. I challenge you to try it for the next seven days. Or perhaps fast from social media this week and allow the times you reach for Twitter to be a prompt to pray.

If we started to focus on God's ability instead of our failures, we'd have more courage to step forward and serve others. We'd humble ourselves to try and restore broken relationships. We'd see that God is our provider, which would enable us to give more generously - rather it be money, time, or talent. We'd walk in the works He prepared for us to do.


Make it personal

What are the repetitive thought patterns or sins that are keeping you from walking in the works God has prepared for you? Write down the truth about those and recite it daily to yourself for the next seven days. (ie if it's fear, you could write, "Perfect love casts out fear; God loves me with a perfect, steadfast love. Nothing can separate us.")


What thing are you going to try for the next seven days to change your focus?



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