Perfect Rock

There is no one holy like the LORD, Indeed, there is no one besides You, Nor is there any rock like our God.
— 1 Samuel 2:2

During my Biblical studies I've always read that when something is repeated, the author is trying to emphasize that particular message. When it's back to back, it's the equivalent of a neon light flashing with changing colors. So it comes at no surprise that the statement, "there is no one holy like the LORD" is crazy significant - it's basically repeated, back to back, without a period in between. The question begs to be asked: Why is God's holiness so important to us?

Well, His Holiness drives His actions. Another word for holy is perfect... God isn't corrupt. He doesn't manipulate people to get something out of them. He doesn't withhold anything just to be entertained. No, He's perfect. Perfect means He's faithful, steadfast, never fails. And that leads to the verse's last statement.

Because God is Holy, He is our Rock. Those two are synonymous. He is perfect, therefore He's unchanging. And the best thing to lean into is someone who's unmoving; something so sturdy that it steadies the legs on which you stand. That's God... our perfect Rock. Even so, you and I can probably recount a time we felt like God failed us.

God is perfect... we, however, are not. We're shortsighted on God's logic and timing. And when we stand in the sharp deficit of God's movement, we think He failed me. Or when life hits us, over and over (and over again), we think, "How could He?!" In those moments we question - Is God perfect? Is He our Rock? Really?

In those times, as easy and natural as it is to question God's perfection, we must fight to enlarge our understanding. We must separate living in a fallen world with broken people who have free will from a perfect loving God. Yes, it'll take time and practice to learn how to lean on Him - but He's perfect, and our Rock - He's not going anywhere.

Make it Personal

Lean into God by memorizing Bible Verses. When a struggle or contradicting thought arises, repeat the verse to yourself.

Name the little r "rock" that you're leaning on? Journal about how it has or could fail you.