Alicja Colon Photographer. Paper-illustrator. Still-life creator.


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Alicja crafts one-of-a-kind images for tech companies, editorial pieces, and products.

Alicja is a photographer, paper-illustrator, and set designer which when combined doesn't create Captain Planet. Sadly. But when Alicja combines her skill-set to craft imaginative scenes for editorial illustrations, social campaigns, and product imagery audiences' eyeballs get teary-eyed because they've seen greatness.

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Graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2006, Alicja has been in and around the design world for over a decade. In 2008, she traded print design for photography. When the planets aligned, Alicja joined the wonderful team at Focus Lab in 2012. There her penchant for photography and design fully embraced and in so doing conceived a creative love child: crafting and photographing tangible illustrations.

Alicja has worked on international projects, travels for on-sites, and crafts in her local studio often. She's available for travel and welcomes collaborating with creative directors, stylists, and agencies.



Paper. Light. Action!

Teaching paper craft, photography, and Photoshop basics in one 3-hour workshop.


A workshop for conferences or agencies who desire to expand creative thought processes.

With all materials provided, students move through the process of paper crafting, photography, and retouching as you create a craft alongside of Alicja. Students will walk away with a paper craft project, a kick-bootay photo of their project, and have a better understanding of how extend their creativity through exploration and curiosity.


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Manual Focus

A personal podcast that focuses on the intersection of Christ and Creativity.