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Milan Day Spa

"Hey Alicja... It's James from Milan Day Spa. We need your talents, again." There's always a satisfaction that occurs when a client returns for more imagery. This time though, I thought I was biting off a little more that I could chew.

The Need

Milan Day Spa, a high-end spa located in the heart of downtown Savannah, needed 30+ unique still-life images to act as photographic icons to accommodate their services.

The Brand

The spa walks a delicate line between airy and mediative. Having both light and dark aesthetics it was important to find the balance in the imagery.

The Constraints

I always create with the end in mind. This time that would be a 150px square. Each image had to communicate not only what the service was, but in a clear, scalable way.

The images had to gel with the site, not compete with one another, all while creating a cohesive look.

The Solution

Not being an avid spa-ee (is that a word?), I had no clue as to the majority of the services offered. After having a baseline brainstorming with the client, I was off to my favorite stores and florist to purchase the goods.

By limiting my color palette and props I was well on the way to consistency. Keeping my lighting, as well as my camera stationary, only added to the cohesion.

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