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Photographer's Confession


This isn't a new confession of mine. I seriously thought the first time I revealed this dirty little secret it was enough to move me from the dark side into the light.


So here I am again, sharing the burden that's been on my chest.


I don't use a white card (on candid sets).


For those that don't know, a white card is a small ... white card... that photographers place in the image to get a baseline understanding of where white is. Candid sets are times where I'm focused on documentary photography, not still-life imagery. Not using a white card impacts all the other colors in the frame. Since I don't use one, each set of images are always a slightly different tone. There's no real consistency (wanna hire me?), sometimes it's an easy fix (no really, hire me for money), and other times it's too different to reconcile (I'd use a white card for your job, hire me!). 

There is good news though... I found a breakthrough to help white balance consistency, an easy add-on that doesn't change my work flow. Are you ready for this majesty?


I changed the background of CaptureOne and Photoshop to white.


I know that if I added a white card to my pre-production flow, alongside setting up lights,  my images would have more overall continuity of color. I'm working on it... still.