Alicja Colon Photographer. Paper-illustrator. Still-life creator.


Mostly just a sneak into how things were created



1) Savage background paper -  we had a dehumidifier running non-stop to prevent wrinkles. Worked like a champ!

2) Bare flash with flag, far off camera left. The flag kept unwanted light from spilling unto the background.

3) Bare flash with flag, close to camera right. It was closer, therefore brighter. I knew it would be visually appealing on her complexion, so I had the model intentionally look towards the light.

4) To achieve even lighting on the background, I bounced two strobes onto the white ceiling to flood the light unto my background and subject.

5) The shadows were filled in with a strobe with large umbrella directly behind me.

Because of the way I lit the scene (generally via floods of light), color bounced from the background unto my subject. This required additional retouching time to fix the her hair and skin tone. To avoid that,  (I think) I should have used softboxes, but I don't have as many as I needed.  

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